cells 2.1 SL

Cells 2.2 SL

Cells 2.3 SL


Relative sizes of cellular structures Powerpoint

Prokaryotic cells Powerpoint

Eukaryotic cells Powerpoint

Membranes Powerpoint

Functions of membrane proteins Powerpoint

Movement across membranesPowerpoint

Cell divisionPowerpoint


Human embryonic stem cell animation

Diffusion animation

Facilitated diffusion animation

Osmosis animation

Osmosis animation 2

Osmosis animation 3

Active transport animation

Membrane fluidity animation

Membranes fluidity video

Cell cycle animation

Mitosis animation 1

Mitosis animation 2

Plasma membrane video

Fluid mosaic model of a membrane video

Cell theory video

Stem cell video


millionaire cells

Cell membranes self test

cells self-test 1

Cells self test 2

Cells self test 3

cells structure self test 1

Cells structure self test 2

Cells structures self test 3

Cell structure and function self test

diffusion self test

osmosis self test

active transport self test

animal cell structure self test

mitosis self test 1

mitosis self test 2

cell division and growth self test

cell cycle self test 1
Cell growth and division self test

Cell division self test

Cell cycle self test 2

Mitosis self test 1

Mitosis self test 2

Mitosis self test 3

Osmosis mitosis self test

Cell division mitosis self test


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