Innate vs learned behaviour

pavlovCan you distinguish between innate and learned behaviour?

What are some examples of behaviour in living organisms that are innate or learned?

What is taxis and what is kinesis when referring to types of behaviour?

You are then going to do a lab (yay!) where you design an experiment to investigate innate behaviour in invertebrates.  Lab sheet here: Invertebrate behaviour lab

You need to be able to analyse experimental data for these kinds of experiments in terms of the effect of this behaviour on chance of survival and reproduction (it all boils down to this – see Freud or Dawkins!).

Discuss how the process of learning can improve the chance of survival.

Outline Pavlov’s experiments into conditioning of dogs.  [Include conditioned and unconditioned stimuli and response]

Outline the role of inheritance and learning in the development of birdsong in young birds.

Here is a useful resource from Mr Taylor.

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