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Theoretical genetics

This is the fun stuff – working out genetics problems.  Before the fun stuff comes the groundwork – learning definitions.  Know the meaning of the following terms. genotype, phenotype, dominant allele, recessive allele, codominant alleles, locus, homozygous, heterzygous, carrier, test … Continue reading

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Here are some of the terms we will get to terms with in this section 🙂 diploid, haploid, homologous chromosomes, crossing over, non-disjunction, trisomy, karyotyping We’ll learn about the process of meiosis, and why it is known as a reduction … Continue reading

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Chromosomes, genes, alleles and mutations

We are about to embark on the last topic of the year!  It’s a great topic – and an important one – all to do with GENETICS.  Here is the syllabus guide: Topic 4 – Syllabus outline In this first section we … Continue reading

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