If I only had a heart …

This is one of my favourite topics 🙂  We’ll learn about the human transport system – blood, blood vessels and the heart.

Beef heart dissection by Lilliput Station on flickr

Beef heart dissection by Lilliput Station on flickr

These are the one and two presentations that we will use in class. This one from Mr Hobbins also very good: How-your-Heart-beats and 6.2 Transport

And for all you budding surgeons, here is a virtual heart transplant to try.

Just a few of the questions we need to answer:

  • What is blood made of?
  • Why do we need a transport system?
  • How is the structure of the heart related to its function?
  • Why and how is the structure of arteries, veins and capillaries different?
  • How is heart rate controlled?
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