Statistical analysis

hand-held calculator by MelodyMcCloud on flickr

hand-held calculator by MelodyMcCloud on flickr

Wait a minute – this is maths not biology!  Well, technically, yes it is, but you need a basic understanding of statistical analysis in any science subject so that you can correctly interpret data and make more meaning of the numbers.

Topic 1 – syllabus outline

Useful resources: Your IB Biology study guide, some handouts (prepared by Mr Conte) that are in your google drive, and this powerpoint T-test.  In addition we will be using this very useful site: click4biology

But best of all, the most detailed, thorough and well-explained presentation of how all this is relevant to biology comes from Mr Stephen Taylor at Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan.  Here is a link to his presentation.  If you like it and find it helpful, I’m sure he’d appreciate a comment.

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