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A closer look at cells

Today in class… Identify structures of prokaryotes in electron micrographs of E. coli. Finish annotating diagram ([2.2.1]: Draw and label a diagram of the ultrastructure of Escherichia coli (E. coli) as an example of a prokaryote. [2.2.2]: Annotate the diagram from 2.2.1 … Continue reading

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Statistical analysis

Wait a minute – this is maths not biology!  Well, technically, yes it is, but you need a basic understanding of statistical analysis in any science subject so that you can correctly interpret data and make more meaning of the … Continue reading

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Weekly update 28-31 August

Hello everyone! What have we done this week? This week we have processed the data from our SA:volume ratio lab, and worked on our conclusions and evaluations.  We even found time to assess our knowledge and understanding of topic 2.1!  … Continue reading

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Weekend Update 8/26

Last week: We’ve been discussing cell differentiation and specialization, stem cells, and  getting a little mathy look at ratios of surface area to volume. Friday we experimented with agar cubes of different sizes and varying amounts of diffusion (see previous … Continue reading

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Surface Area-to-Volume Lab

Lab instructions and data table sheet – SA:V ratio The total size (volume) of an organism or cell determines the amount of material needed. However, the surface area determines the rate at which those needs can be met. This relationship … Continue reading

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How does one cell communicate with another cell? A cell phone! Ok, here’s the IB assessment statements for the cells unit. Can you: Outline the cell theory Discuss the evidence for the cell theory State that unicellular organisms carry out … Continue reading

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Surface area to volume ratio

[youtube][/youtube] Great video to explain these concepts Here is a copy of the lab sheet and data table for the lab on this topic.  Enjoy! Lab sheet – SA to vol ratio

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What is going on in Mr. Conte’s class?

Link to Google Docs Folders of Past Papers and Answers:Past Papers and Answers What have we done: What are we going to do Upcoming Assessments: Homework:                

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Cell theory

These are the syllabus statements for this section of the syllabus.  Use this presentation, your textbooks, or any other resources you find helpful to tackle these problems.  We will divide and conquer – a bit like cells specializing in one … Continue reading

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Bald man Bio Productions

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